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Remote working and cybersecurity

"Many small and medium businesses are struggling to adapt to the new normal and remote working," CloudNuance president Dylan Lawless said. "And many of them are using on-premise email solutions, which are costly, require in-house expertise, and are inherently insecure. This seminar will help set businesses on the right path to overcoming these challenges by presenting strategies for moving their businesses to the cloud." Visit to register for the seminar. Lawless said the seminar is the `rst in a series CloudNuance plans to stage over the upcoming months. Topics for future sessions include remote collaboration environments and managing hybrid cloud environments. He said the bene`ts of moving to the cloud for small and medium businesses are myriad, and many are relevant to the pandemic. "COVID-19 is reshaping every aspect of our society," Lawless said. "Remote working offers certainty amid these times of great uncertainty. Not only does it mean teams can collaborate from anywhere, it can be done securely and eaciently. Businesses are not returning to their oaces, as they are realizing the savings on commercial space. I foresee this as becoming the new normal." CloudNuance specializes in IT support, cybersecurity, cloud computing, MS Office 365 solutions, and data recovery. Visit for more information.

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